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For Humans’ Sake is Samantha’s excuse to ask interesting people a lot of questions and have their conversations chronicled.  Katrina and Slide UX’s Research Director Samantha Meazell discuss:

– Why it’s valuable to sometimes stray from research-savvy panel participants to fresh recruits.

– How to expand inclusivity to all corners of your work.

– The importance of booking a solo retreat.

We created Booth Insights as a way for our clients to pop into the lives of their consumers easily and often.  We created this digital version of intercept interviews because in 2020 it’s more important than ever for brands to have a way to listen qualitatively to audiences. We’ve seen many colleagues take equally innovative approaches to the challenge of how to meet the need of smaller scale, more frequent qualitative insights initiatives.

Download our one-sheet of thought starters and tell us how you’re keeping qualitative touch points in the mix!


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