Insight, delivered.

KNow Research is a full-service, female-driven, insights agency on the front lines of qualitative market research, delivering fresh insights through custom research design.

KNow Research | Insight, Delivered

Insights open doors to new strategies, new verticals, locations, lines, customers and possibilities

From traditional methods to the latest digital solutions, we build bespoke projects based on our clients’ needs to inform key business decisions through ideation, facilitation, moderation, analysis & coordination services

At KNow we listen with purpose.

We believe in making connections.

We believe in human stories.

We deliver meaningful solutions rooted in authentic human truths.


Retail Market Research | Shopper Insights

KNow Knows. We understand customers’ current and future retail needs, preferences and trends.

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Lifestyle Market Research

KNow Understands. We work with our client partners to uncover participants’ relationships with lifestyle and luxury brands.

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Financial Services

Financial Services | Fintech Market Research

KNow Explains. We explore white space, growth areas, brands, services and customer journeys in all areas of personal finance.

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New Business

New Business Market Research

KNow Informs. We support new brands in understanding their potential target audience from concept to launch.

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Industries we KNow

The insight specialists at KNow Research create custom research design based on industry knowledge and expertise to open doors to understanding customers’ relationships with key industries including financial services, retail, lifestyle brands and new businesses.

We deliver meaningful solutions rooted in authentic human truths.

Proprietary Methods

KNow Research walks the walk, developing innovative techniques to deliver empathy, quality and consistency to both our participants and our clients.

We illuminate human stories through collaboration, connection and exploration.

Custom Recruits

Custom Recruits

Keeping it Real. We strive to continually provide fresh, authentic participants and keep them engaged throughout the research process. Read More

Funneled Insights

Funneled Insights

Keeping it Focused. We offer hybrid approaches so that our clients benefit by both a breadth and depth of insights. Read More

Booth® Insights

Booth® Insights

Keeping it Connected. Our qualitative experts conduct mini deep-dive interviews to get authentic feedback from participants in the moment. Our pop-up Booth® Insights method is a quick & engaging way for participants to share their top of mind feedback on industries and brands that impact their lives. Read More

Ongoing Initiatives

Ongoing Initiatives

Keeping it Fresh. We continually refresh our techniques to include opportunities for participants to creatively express themselves and for our team to explore diverse deliverable options. Read More

Our Team

Our senior-level team of boots-on-the-ground investigators deliver valuable insights to our client partners.

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