Our Industries

The qualitative market research specialists at KNow Research create custom research design based on industry knowledge and expertise to open doors to understanding customers’ relationships with key industries.

Shopper Insights


We dive into customer journeys, shopper retention strategies, loyalty program development & brand extension possibilities with both physical and digital retail experiences.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

We deliver insights on a wide array of financial services, both customer-facing and B2B, including insurance policies, banking relationships, wealth management offerings & loan/ credit products both domestically & abroad.

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Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle industries of focus include fashion, fitness, beauty, intimate apparel, personal care, technology and luxury products. Regardless of category we explore customer journey, experience & loyalty.

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New Business

New Business

We enjoy working with brands in all stages of concept and product development to keep the voice of the customer heard throughout the design process.

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Katrina walked us through our first formal marketing research project, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Her expertise was invaluable, and she made herself available to answer any questions we had during the process. The end product was a fascinating and detailed report that is helping us shape future marketing decisions. I highly recommend her, as well as the knowledgeable team she leads at KNow Research.

Gina Nowicki, Director of Communications and Marketing, Crossroads Trading Company

Katrina and her staff at KNow Research provide superior service and insight generation throughout their engagements and I’ve come to appreciate their attention to detail, their problem solving skills and brainstorming as well as their ability to deeply engage not only with the research team but also our internal clients. Truly, they are not just a preferred provider, but also an extension of our team.

Christopher R. Brown, M.S. CEO, Research Perspectives, LLC

Katrina’s passion for understanding the customer journey helped us better segment our market & articulate a value proposition that was interesting to our users. I look forward to working with her & her team again, soon!

Aparajita Kapoor, Global Marketing Manager, Honeywell

Working with KNow Research was a delight. Our project dealt with very sensitive information and KNow Research’s moderation was simultaneously delicate and deep. The project logistics were handled with ease and everything was clearly laid out from the beginning. KNow Research’s analysis and reporting- both on the spot and post-research- was perfect and they went above and beyond to ensure we had what we needed.

Nathan Vincent, Research Director, LRWTonic