Our Industries

The qualitative market research specialists at KNow Research create custom research design based on industry knowledge and expertise to open doors to understanding customers’ relationships with key industries.


Shopper Insights

We dive into customer journeys, shopper retention strategies, loyalty program development & brand extension possibilities with both physical and digital retail experiences.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

We deliver insights on a wide array of financial services, both customer-facing and B2B, including insurance policies, banking relationships, wealth management offerings & loan/ credit products both domestically & abroad.

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We help higher educational organizations understand student and community perceptions to inform recruitment, differentiation and retention campaigns. We’re well versed in connecting with Gen Z and higher education stakeholder audiences for 360° insights

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New Business

New Business

We enjoy working with brands in all stages of website, concept, brand, and product development to keep the voice of the customer heard throughout the process.

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The team at KNow are fantastic and well-trusted partners who we have had the pleasure of working with across multiple projects over the past few years. Always a safe pair of hands adept at working with stakeholders to fully capture objectives, carrying out informative and engaging qualitative sessions, and providing insightful and actionable results debriefs. Highly recommended!

Andrew Neary, Customer Intelligence Director, Dow Jones

KNow Research made our project so easy! There’s a lot that goes into community marketing and talking to people about the meaning of community. KNow did such a good job leading that and doing the research, and the Podcast Roundtable deliverable is so new and interesting for us, so we so appreciate it.

Tim Poellmann, Senior Manager of Marketing Insights, DICK'S Sporting Goods

We can’t emphasize the value the research has been to us already. I was grateful and impressed with the expertise each of you shared with us. Our sincerest gratitude to KNow for shepherding us throughout this process with such grace and professionalism.

Allie Sherratt, Brand Producer, Intercom

The KNow Pop-Up Booth gave us clarity of the strengths and weaknesses of our business. It really helps getting into the mindset of the customer; it’s like a mirror.

Justin Zarabi, VP of New Business Development, Fambrands

Booth Insights was awesome. We were having a really challenging time internally figuring out what to do, and we came up with all of these ideas that cost a ton of money. I spoke with Katrina and she came to me with the Booth Insights. We caught people when it was fresh in their minds to talk about their experiences, and it was really beneficial, and we got great insights from it.

Jana Prahl, Manager of Consumer Insights, Savage X Fenty

KNow’s qualitative reports are probably the best we’ve seen … They are just so succinct at getting across the main objectives. We actually bring in the KNow team to deliver the insights because we truly trust their judgement and their delivery is often very effective with our internal audiences. From a research deliverable standpoint, KNow is definitely top notch.

Kerry Sette, VP of Consumer Insights and Research, Voya Financial

KNow not only provides excellent moderation skills, but extremely precise logistical work. There is a team that is listening, observing, they’re helping us with daily recaps of what we learned each day and that’s what sets KNow apart. The level of effort they exhibit, the amount of time that is saved on our team by having such a strong team involved has been huge. KNow really takes it to the next step, it’s not just a moderator, it’s the whole team.

Jessica Hemenetz, Line of Business Insights Director, Discover

My experience working with KNow is consistently awesome. Katrina and the team are my favorite business partners to work with. The level of thought leadership, detail, overall understanding of what our business problems are, what we’re trying to accomplish and how these findings impact our business, I don’t see anywhere else. It’s great to have thought partnership on those things.

Sarah Eaton, Lead Consumer Insights, Discover
Insights from KNow Research helped us identify and scope new product ideas and audiences. We were able to get accurate, actionable qualitative research that saved us time and helped us find a new opportunity for our business.
Melissa Prathoummachith, Consumer Insights, Discover

The whole KNow team was wonderful to work with.  We were impressed with the presentation of their results and findings – from the insights to the video deliverables.

Guisselle Nuñez, CMO, San Francisco State University

We had a successful Spring Festival and our Fall Season is looking great, so I’m optimistic that we’ll see a full “return” to our pre-pandemic event numbers. Thank you again for your audience work with us last year–it continues to actively guide our programmatic and audience-focused thinking.

Phillip Bahar, Executive Director, Chicago Humanities Festival

Katrina walked us through our first formal marketing research project, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Her expertise was invaluable, and she made herself available to answer any questions we had during the process. The end product was a fascinating and detailed report that is helping us shape future marketing decisions. I highly recommend her, as well as the knowledgeable team she leads at KNow Research.

Gina Nowicki, Director of Communications and Marketing, Crossroads Trading Company

Katrina’s passion for understanding the customer journey helped us better segment our market & articulate a value proposition that was interesting to our users. I look forward to working with her & her team again, soon!

Aparajita Kapoor, Global Marketing Manager, Honeywell

Working with KNow Research was a delight. Our project dealt with very sensitive information and KNow Research’s moderation was simultaneously delicate and deep. The project logistics were handled with ease and everything was clearly laid out from the beginning. KNow Research’s analysis and reporting- both on the spot and post-research- was perfect and they went above and beyond to ensure we had what we needed.

Nathan Vincent, Research Director, LRWTonic

Katrina and her staff at KNow Research provide superior service and insight generation throughout their engagements and I’ve come to appreciate their attention to detail, their problem solving skills and brainstorming as well as their ability to deeply engage not only with the research team but also our internal clients. Truly, they are not just a preferred provider, but also an extension of our team.

Christopher R. Brown, M.S. CEO, Research Perspectives, LLC

KNow’s client-facing tools demonstrated a remarkable level of sophistication, enhancing the project. What also set the team apart was the commitment to aligning on objectives and striving for the best possible research outcomes.

Associate Director, Strategy & Insights, Design Services

I don’t know what we would have done with quantitative research. But with qualitative research, there’s a whole lot we can do.  We’ve got meat on the bones here to be able to really think through and action the responses that the research evoked.

Lauri Jones Pastrone, Founder & CEO, Peace by Piece International
The KNow Research team have been great partners along our journey.  I so enjoyed getting to know the team; they are so buttoned up and professional. In future when dealing with multiple research countries having KNow involved upfront with the regions on guidelines of expectations would be even more beneficial.
Nicole Diagostino, VP Marketing, Chantecaille