Our Methods

We guide our clients through a series of methodology and platform choices to design the optimal project to answer their key research objectives. We relish the opportunity to find hard-to-reach audiences and work within tight timelines while fulfilling the insights needs of our clients from a diverse menu of research options.

Interviews, Shop Alongs & Group Discussions

Expert moderators conduct in-home, at work and in-situ one-on-one interviews and small group discussions across a broad range of topics conducted in person, by phone, or on webcam

Mobile Journals & Diary Studies

Digital qualitative methodologies provide remote access to consumers’ feedback & experiences over time. Clients appreciate getting to know respondents before they meet them in person, or as stand alone snap shots of their consumers

Discussion Boards, Forums & Co-Creator Panels

Carefully selected participants work with brands during the creation of products, marketing, communication, messaging, packing and/or design work; a customizable & cost-effective way to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer needs and priorities

Booth® Insights

Try our unique market research service offering! Our pop-up Booth® Insights method is a quick & engaging way for intercepted participants to share top of mind feedback on industries and brands that impact their lives, digitally or in-person. We conduct quality, qualitative conversations for stand-alone projects, recruiting or a launchpad to deeper dive into qual

Quantitative Validation

Analysts identify key qualitative findings from initial explorations that would benefit from quantitative validation. We work with our clients and preferred partners to deliver supporting quantitative data to validate the qualitative insights

Scoot® Sprints

Through our partnership with Scoot Insights, we provide a trademarked, efficient and effective approach to decision-making. Scoot® Sprints are a collaborative way to bring together customer understanding and stakeholder knowledge, facilitated by dual moderators/strategists

Our Deliverables

Our goal is to deliver insights that will live long lives within our clients’ organizations.  To do so, we have created a set of unique deliverables to spotlight participant feedback, foster team engagement and help brands integrate insights into their ongoing initiatives.



We believe in the power of audio.  Consider one of our podcast options, or ask for your custom podcast format!
Podcast Report: Key themes and thought starters from participants in their own words
Podcast Roundtable: Discussion on the key takeaways and action items from your study by our strategists
Listen to a Sample Podcast

Video Playlists

Video Playlists

Let video bring your insights to life! The KNow team included video deliverables on every project.
Video Playlist: A collection of clips reflecting key themes
Video Sizzle Reel: A 3–5-minute video reel to share the key insights uncovered in the research with a broader stakeholder team
Watch a Sample Video Sizzle Reel

Insights Workshops

Insights Workshops

Facilitators work with client teams to incorporate insights into internal processes and decision-making including actionable next steps for the brand. Workshops can support the insights before and/or after the fieldwork

Read about our Passion for Integrated Learning

Insights Presentations

Insights Presentations

Our expert analysts craft Insights Summaries and Full Reports to fit any team’s needs, from visual one-pagers to thorough, full reports, and on up to multi-team presentations

See a Presentation Example prepared for our 2019 Pro Bono recipient

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