Our Methods

We guide our clients through a series of methodology and platform choices to design the optimal project to answer the key research objectives. We relish the opportunity to find hard to reach audiences and work within tight timelines, while making every effort to fulfill the insights needs of our clients from a diverse menu of options

Custom Recruits

Custom Recruits

We recruit participants through networking and in-situ intercepts with the help of trusted partners and video articulation confirmation. We also offer white glove client list recruits in partnership with SK Consulting

Funneled Insights

Funneled Insights

We often recommend combining methods into a hybrid approach or start with larger sample sizes to learn broadly and then hone in on feedback from a targeted audience of interest to learn more deeply

Intercept Interviews

Intercept Interviews

We engage intercept participants in qualitative conversations in-situ for feedback on store environments, assortments, marketing campaigns & promotional strategies

Ongoing Initiatives

Ongoing Initiatives

Ask us about opportunities get involved as a partner with us on our upcoming initiatives including Creation Challenges, Pop-Up Insights booths and our annual Giving Back program


Interviews, Shop Alongs & Group Discussions

Expert moderators conduct in-home, at work and in-situ one-on-one interviews and small group discussions across a broad range of topics conducted in person, by phone, or on webcam

Mobile Journals & Diary Studies

Digital qualitative methodologies provide remote access to consumers’ feedback & experiences over time. Clients appreciate getting to know respondents before they meet them in person, or as stand alone snap shots of their consumers

Discussion Boards, Forums & Co-Creator Panels

Carefully selected participants work with brands during the creation of products, marketing, communication, messaging, packing and/or design work; a customizable & cost-effective way to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer needs and priorities

Insights Workshops

Facilitators work with client teams to incorporate insights into internal processes and decision-making including actionable next steps for the brand. Workshops can support the insights before and/or after the fieldwork

Hybrid Quantitative / Qualitative Approach

Analysts identify key qualitative findings from initial explorations that would benefit from quantitative validation. We work with the client and our preferred partners to deliver quantitative data that is projectable to the general public and aid in decision-making

Agile Insights

Through our partnership with Scoot Insights, we provide a trademarked accelerated approach that combines customer understanding with efficient and immediate integration of stakeholder knowledge for more efficient decision-making