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Katrina Noelle

Tara Thompson
Operations Director

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Strategy Director

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Senior Strategist

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Brittney Zuzindlak

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Junior Strategist

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Expert Partner

Katrina Noelle

Insights Industry Thought Leader, Expert Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Insight, delivered.

“I must be in the right business because I’ve always felt that people are fascinating. And know that they want to be seen and heard and appreciated for who they are. I feel lucky every day to be able to help companies learn more about the audiences they serve through our team’s work at KNow Research and Scoot Insights.

We partner with organizations who also find people fascinating, and who value collaboration in the pursuit of getting to know them and helping their voices be heard by the brands that impact their lives.

But it’s not only about letting the voice of the customer be heard. Ever since I opened the doors of KNow Research in 2003, my focus has been on the goal of consistently delivering quality insights. Over the years, that goal has driven the expansion of KNow, with a continued focus on methodological innovation along the way.

Now that I realized I’m a market research ‘lifer,’ with advice to give and motivation to share, I have turned my attention to thought leadership and speaking opportunities that allow me to provide inspiring thought-starters for insights professionals and as a way to endorse, support, and mentor women in the research industry, and beyond.

I enjoy speaking with audiences of all sizes who are interested in innovating processes and techniques to give them a framework for collaborative, iterative innovation.”

– Katrina Noelle


KNow collaborates with trusted partners to design and execute research to validate and confirm insights, unlock information about target audiences, and inform brand strategies, product design, and overall business strategy.