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Our senior-level team of boots-on-the-ground investigators deliver valuable insights to our client partners

WE’RE HIRING: We’re searching for a Research Assistant & Research Strategist to join our team!

  • Katrina Noelle


  • Tara Thompson


  • Emily Breay

    Research Coordinator

  • Shira Glickman

    Research Strategist

  • Molly Stafford-Mastey

    Analytic Expert

  • Casey Bernard

    Strategic Expert

  • Brittney Zuzindlak

    Strategic Expert

  • Lisa Steadman

    Strategic Expert

  • Jackie Uwins

    Qualitative Expert

  • Vivianne Hiriart

    Hispanic Market Partner

KNow collaborates with quantitative partners to design and execute research to validate and confirm insights, unlock information about target audiences, and inform brand strategies, product design, and overall business strategy

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