Booth® Insights – Online or In-person Qualitative Intercepts

Published On: August 21, 2022By

We’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our trademarked intercept methodology; Booth® Insights.  Thank you to all our supportive clients who have made this methodology a cornerstone of their insights process. Our clients, our team and our participants all enjoy the ability to connect – digitally or in-person – authentically in-the-moment.


Get insights on a topic you’re curious about in our trademarked pop-up, bookable wherever your customers’ physical or digital foot traffic takes them:


  1. You pick a topic of interest
  2. We develop a Topic Guide based on your topic
  3. We intercept n~20 participants authentically and organically per day
  4. We conduct a series of 15-minute conversations
  5. You receive a written Insights Summary of key themes and Video Playlist of key moments that bring the themes to life

Understand target audiences’ expectations, experiences, and ideas for improvement, gauge brand awareness, reputation, and drivers and barriers and/or develop strategies for customer retention and growth.

Booths are great for concise project objectives like:

  • Checking packaging or messaging for red flags before production or distribution
  • Complimenting tracking studies with qualitative conversations
  • Testing in-store signage or displays before launch
  • Jumping into the customer journey while it’s happening
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Got another idea for how you might benefit from a pop-up? Let us know at