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From April 2020 to April 2021, KNow Research joined forces with the quantitative financial insights experts at Logica Research to contribute qualitative insights to our ongoing Future of Money study. Together we completed 4 rounds of research, strategically scheduled at key moments since the beginning of the pandemic.

KNow stepped into complement Logica’s study by providing a qualitative picture of how people were financially affected by the effects of this pandemic year. The goal was to provide color on how people:
1. Make money
2. Spend money
3. Save or invest money
4. Engage with financial brands

By adapting the technique to the changing times, we brought the quantitative insights to life in the key four areas…


KNow Research’s 2020 pro bono study was for Financial Gym, a personal financial services company that takes a fitness-inspired approach to their clients’ finances. Their initial plan for 2020 was to do a traveling roadshow across the US, connecting with customers nationwide in order to expand their offerings. And then, well, 2020 happened…

We stepped in to help them learn from their prospective customers despite not being out on the road, using a combined approach with our new Booth® Insights methodology and social media research tools. Click through to find out what we uncovered!

Read more about our Booth® Insights methodology HERE!


Brands want to ensure their communication comes across as relatable, authentic and in touch with the needs of their audiences. So they turn to insights professionals, who keep a pulse on audiences’ outlooks and reactions to brand’s representations of the world by way of:

– Best practices for brands to effectively strike the right balance.

– Ideas for researchers to generate insights to guide brands in these efforts.


Our friends at SoapBoxSample’s February 2020 CANNApinion poll revealed that 42% of cannabis consumers were planning to gift cannabis products for Valentine’s Day!

We were curious about the development of this new tradition. Could cannabis begin to replace wine or champagne as a romantic date night staple? Would cannabis-infused chocolates become the go-to Valentine’s Day gift?

Find out the implications of cannabis’ growing acceptance and how it will affect Holiday 2020.


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