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We at KNow Research are passionate about connecting with people to uncover meaningful insights for our clients and we’re also passionate about staying proactive in these ever-changing times.


In 2019 we created, tested and launched a new methodology called a pop-up, where we gathered participants’ top-of-mind thoughts and feelings in real-time and in-person. Whether it be at a convention, a farmer’s market or a golf-course, the boots-on-the-ground investigators at KNow intercepted participants with a set of key questions to answer our clients’ research objectives and bring their target audiences to life. Quick qualitative conversations lasted 10-15 minutes and we – and our clients – watched our Learning Wall grow & flourish, and even had time for a participant video confession at the end. Check out a case study from our in-person pop-up at Loyalty360.

In 2020, in-person research methodologies were put on hold due to the panic.  But we took the opportunity to iterate a digital/virtual version of Booth® Insights. We’re proud to have pioneered an innovative and successful way to connect with consumers digitally while social distancing during the current climate.

(Insert fanfare here!) Presenting KNow’s digital Booth® Insights: a quick and engaging way for participants to share their top of mind feedback on industries and brands that impact their lives from the comfort of their homes.


We’re breaking new ground by inviting participants into the pop-up to meet with our moderators, who facilitate qualitative conversations on a specific topic of interest.  Conversation formats range from one-on-one to dyads and triads. Sessions are engaging, dynamic, to the point, but with an element of surprise as the sessions are less scripted than traditional research methods. It’s as much fun for the moderators as it is for the participants!

Recruiting participants for this methodology can happen in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Clients invite customers via email, a widget on their website, a social media campaign, through a survey or even a banner ad
  2. Alternatively, KNow can gather feedback from non or lapsed customers via a gen pop recruit

Either way we approach it the outcome is the same; ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS!  Our team has proven to be able to interview 20+ people in the span of just 4 hours, the equivalent show rate of 4 standard 2-hour focus groups, but without the cost of facilities or travel. Here why the pivot to video is here to stay.

Our team of expert moderators extract key themes and present findings to our clients within a week, including:

  1. Fieldnotes sent regularly throughout fieldwork
  2. A video playlist of key quotes
  3. An insights summary of key themes

All in a quick, modern, clear and concise way that makes the insights ‘pop’ for our clients.


Insights Pop


The KNow pop-up gave us clarity of the strengths and weaknesses of our business. It really helps getting into the mindset of the customer; it’s like a mirror. – Justin Zarabi, VP of New Business Development, Fambrands

KNow’s pop-up was super quick! and super helpful. We received a lot of compliments from others on how quick the turnaround time was!” – Jana Saba, Research Analyst, Savage X Fenty

Whether you’re looking to understand the importance of brands having a voice in the current diversity & inclusion conversation, consumer’s feelings surrounding COVID-19’s influence on brands & products, or getting to know the lifestyles of your customers, our pop-up methodology will get you answers quickly and efficiently.


Any topic that needs more understanding is on the table for exploration and discussion; Booth® does not discriminate.


Pop us a note to request more info or book a demo HERE.


But remember, 2020 innovation isn’t just about Booth® Insights; get inspired to do qualitative more often in a variety of ways thanks to our free, downloadable thought starter guide: