Tune into Insights Part 2: Podcast Favorites for Inspiration & Elevation

Published On: September 24, 2019By

Not only does the podcast savvy KNow Research team love to design and deliver meaningful podcasts in service to our clients, we also love tuning into podcasts both to elevate and inspire our work and also “just for fun.” If you’re curious about podcasting but haven’t yet popped in your favorite pair of earbuds and aren’t sure where to start – or if you’re looking to freshen up your current rotation – then look no further. Here’s what the curious ears of KNow Research are listening to lately…

Podcasts to Power Up your Career

  • HOW I BUILT THIS  A favorite among the team at KNow, NPR’s How I Built This with Guy Raz shares the founder stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. Katrina explains “I love hearing other founders and entrepreneurs tell their stories of the companies they founded and built and gleaning wisdom along the way. It can often be a simultaneously inspiring and daunting experience!”
  • TED RADIO HOUR is another inspiration-packed NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz, and offers quick, easy to digest snippets of Ted Talks. And a Guy Raz is a great host” says Brittney Zuzindlak, Strategic Expert at KNow.
  • GIRL BOSS hosted by Sophia Amoroso offers a healthy dose of inspiration in service to and in support of trailblazing women. Sophia talks to female leaders across a wide variety of industries and functions. It’s inspiring to me because you really hear about their journey to get to where they are – the story behind the title and not just the where they ended up. Everyone has a good story” says Sonya Shen, KNow Marketing Assistant.
  • SIDE HUSTLE SCHOOL is another in-rotation podcast for Sonya, who also “side hustles” as a yoga teacher (be sure check out our blog post on the intersection of yoga and research). Sonya explains “each episode focuses on a different person’s side hustle journey. And it’s really short – like 10 or 15 minutes long.”
  • Other career inspiration favorites include: HIDDEN BRAIN, yet another NPR gem. Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, this Hidden Brain explores the intricate and unconscious patterns of human behavior and what motivates us; CLARITY ON FIRE is a podcastthat offers the perspective of two seasoned life and career coaches. Through a mix of interviews, Q&A sessions, and book reviews, the hosts help people find clarity and meaning in their careers; THE MEANING MOVEMENT is hosted by Dan Cumberland and shares empowering stories and strategies from those who have successfully found their calling, purpose, passion and life’s work; and THE TIM FERRISS SHOW, one of the most popular business podcasts of all time, is the first to business/interview podcast surpass 100 million (yes, million) downloads. Tim Ferriss provides tools, tactics, and routines that listeners can weave into their own lives and careers.

“Just for Fun” Podcasts for Entertainment and Personal Enrichment

  • REVISIONIST HISTORY hosted by journalist and speaker Malcom Gladwell ranks high on Katrina’s list of “for fun” podcast favorites. Katrina explains, “I read and listen to everything Malcom Gladwell touches, but this series in particular is fascinating. It’s a series of inquisitive forays into forgotten/abandoned/mis-interpreted stories to shine the light on a new reading/meaning/look at the word and its assumptions. Ok, so maybe that’s a little career inspiration as well!”
  • GETTING CURIOUS WITH JONATHAN VAN NESS: A go-to pleasure listening source for both Sonya and Brittney, this impassioned interview-style podcast is hosted by the Queer Eye “grooming expert.” Brittney shares, “I think JVN is hilarious, and he tackles real topics in a light, refreshing way. You MUST listen if you like Queer Eye!”                    
  • HAPPIER WITH GRETCHEN RUBIN is one of Jackie’s favorite mood boosting podcasts. “Gretchen offers smart pointers throughout the day that keep me positive. I always learn sometimes from her and I like that they range from 3 minutes to 1 hour” says Jackie.
  • HEAVYWEIGHT is hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, a writer, radio producer and humorist. With humor, heart and humanity Goldstein and his guests explore  moments when it all seemed to fall apart…what happened next. Brittney explains “The host is hilarious and has a very different storytelling style. The stories are both fun and serious, [diving in with someone] who is trying to come to terms with something from their past. Very relatable!”
  • Other “just-for-fun” and personal enrichment favorites include: 10% HAPPIER WITH DAN HARRIS. After having a panic attack on a national news broadcast, Harris discovered meditation as a powerful tool to strengthen everyday focus and manage stress and anxiety. He interviews a range of experts and practitioners of meditation from many walks of life to help listeners develop their own meditation practice; ARMCHAIR EXPERT is a celebrity and field/industry expert interview podcast hosted by actor Dax Shepard. It is casual, funny, and conversational, and each week his guests dig deep beneath the surface to share stories and celebrate the messiness of being human via in-depth interviews often hovering in the 2-hour range; and RADIOLAB, a Peabody Award-winning interview and storytelling podcast with a scientific bed that investigates the world and all of its strangeness.

Harness the Power of the Podcast for Your Business

Are you interested in powering up your research and insights with podcasting included as a deliverable? Contact the KNow team today to get started: admin@knowresearch.com and check out the first post in this series: Tune into Insights: Harnessing the Power of the Podcast