The KNow Difference

Published On: June 30, 2018By

Here at KNow we’re shaking it up!  In the past few months, we’ve made some amazing strides towards the future.  This month we held our first annual offsite during which the whole team all came together for a “meeting of the minds” and to share some good wine.

I am the newest member of the team.  One of my first assignments was to meet each of the team members, introduce myself, find out from them what makes KNow different and present my findings at the offsite.  I was gathering these thoughts to  help design the new website, and being a moderator myself, conducting my own one-on-ones would be a fun way to learn about the company and team. Three primary themes came shining through:

      1. Synchronicity: Every single one of my co-workers commented on how easy it was partnering with Katrina. Each one of us met her in our own way.  (I met her when she was just starting out as a moderator and I worked as a project director for a research company). When the time came to join KNow, it was just a natural progression for all of us.
      2. There’s more here than meets the eye: I quickly realized each on of us on the team brings something different to the table. Our professional expertise covers all areas of research.  Most importantly, there are no “worker bees”.  We are all experts in our individual fields and when a client hires KNow, what they “see” is what they get.  Unlike most companies, projects aren’t passed off to the underlings to do the research.  We’re the ones in the trenches uncovering and reporting new found insights to the clients on their projects.
      3. The Power of KNow: It’s the women of KNow Research. That’s not meant to be a sexist statement. It’s simply the truth. We work with men every day, but what makes our company different, and special, is that we’re a group of women who truly understand market research. We know what the client is looking for and how to approach and design a project to get unearth the most important insights possible.  We work as a team, and since each one of us has a different specialty, we have all the bases covered.  That’s a rare gift.

Our offsite was a great opportunity to share ideas and thoughts about the future of research, tighten up our approaches and prep for the latest round of our methodological pilot programs as well as put the finishing touches on our new website!  Everything you ever wanted to know about our company can be found amongst the modern, clean and stylish site. (Yes, I’m extremely biased) but I believe it accurately and beautifully reflects the forward-thinking mindset we have here at KNow.  Check it out and get to KNow what makes us different.

Female-driven is one of our core company beliefs.  As Katrina grew the business, she realized that she had the opportunity to support, endorse and mentor other women along the way.  Staying true to this ideology, KNow recently became a certified member of the WBENC and you can find us in Quirk’s annual Women –The Faces of Market Research August edition. It’s just been published, and our company has been featured!

Promoting, encouraging and working alongside women in research, and business in general, is central who we are and what defines us. Our female-driven insights consultancy keeps our clients In the KNow.