Qualitative Research for Website Conversion

Published On: June 19, 2023By

When a brand’s quantitative data leaves questions unanswered, it’s time to consult a qualitative research team. Qualitative research is designed to find the why behind behaviors and data.

Our recommendation for digital brands? Using qualitative shopper intercept interviews, online retailers can uncover impactful user experience issues that lead to abandoned carts. By illuminating these issues – and taking action to solve them – brands can in turn improve their website conversion rates. With powerful insights brands can make changes to encourage their shoppers to click the “buy” button.

As we suggested to the Digital Market Institute community earlier this year, one way digital brands can discover helpful whys is by using our proprietary Booth® Insights methodology. Like a traditional in-person store intercept, our team conducts quick qualitative interviews while consumers were actively shopping.

We work closely with the brand team to make these in-the-moment interviews possible. The brand’s web team programs an invitation to connect with an interviewer at the key moment in the shopping journey and the KNow interviewing team stands by to receive potential participants for spontaneous conversations.

The primary benefit of this style of shopper intercepts is catching the shopper in the midst of their purchase decision. When we wait to ask them about their shopping experience days or weeks later, they are less likely to remember specific language that caused confusion or choices that made them second-guess their purchase. Instead, by connecting with shoppers while the site is open and purchase consideration fresh in their mind, our insights are more valuable and actionable.

Regardless of the methodology used, we encourage retail and e-commerce brands to find innovative ways to connect with shoppers during their process to get in-the-moment feedback on the customer journey and illuminate insights that data analytics may leave behind. For more information and inspiration check out the full webinar which explores passive and active ways of collecting customer data with a focus on when and how to and conduct primary research to better understand your target audiences.