KNow’s Virtual Back Room Brings Teams Together

Published On: August 30, 2021By

At KNow Research, we take innovation and iteration seriously. We are always looking for the next, best way to meet our clients’ needs and project objectives. Over the past eight months, our team has worked hard to design, build, test, and now make standard our very own virtual observation backroom, or VBR as we like to call it, for synchronous qualitative studies.

In a sea of high-priced, over-complicated qualitative research viewing platforms, our objective going into the project was to create a seamless and safe experience that would work regardless of VPNs, firewalls, browsers, and devices. 

Our goal is to provide a space that feels collaborative and friendly, mimicking an interactive client lounge experience on our virtual platform. The KNow VBR allows project teams to truly “talk amongst themselves” and iterate during fieldwork, and to communicate follow-up questions and probes to the moderator or facilitator.

Three key reasons our clients appreciate the KNow VBR


Secure and Simple

We use a single, secure link with a registration gate and password for the duration of the project – teams can easily log in from any browser, on any device without having to set up an account, download an app, or navigate a complicated homepage.

Collaborate and Connect

KNow’s virtual backroom allows us to live stream both in-person or virtual fieldwork to our client teams. Entirely remote teams, or individual team members who cannot travel, can stay connected by viewing our live research from afar. Our VBR helps teams stay connected via live chat, and even offers a global solution by providing simultaneous translations via a dial-in phone line.

Context + Aha’s

Want to save your ideas or follow-up questions? Our backroom chat can be saved and stored as additional output material for your team; giving you, and our strategists, a reference point to what was interesting, illuminating, or confirming during the fieldwork.

Client praise for our VBR

“We LOVE working with the KNow Research team! For any high profile work, we prefer to work with the KNow Research team because we trust that everything will run smoothly (with logistics of scheduling interviews and using the platform), that they will kill it on the interviews, and that there will be a very deep level of analysis/thought leadership from the whole team. Our business partners even sing their praises!”  – Sarah Eaton, Consumer Insights Lead, Discover Financial Services

Book a demo to see how KNow’s VBR can help your team collaborate behind the scenes, no matter where and how your research takes place in the coming months!