Deliverable Options for Every Palate

Published On: January 29, 2021By

Our goal at KNow is to deliver insights that will live long lives within our clients’ organizations. To do so, we have created a set of unique deliverables that we provide at the end of each project to spotlight participant feedback, foster team engagement, and help brands integrate insights into their ongoing initiatives.


The deliverables we offer are ever-changing and evolve in line with our clients’ needs. Here’s just some of the way we’re bringing insights to life.


Watch this space for what we offer next!


#1 Podcast Reports

Are you an auditory learner? Hear key themes, new ideas, and opinions from participants in their own words, by harnessing the power of the podcast.  

Our clients appreciate the ease of sharing podcast episodes with their internal team. We use them most often as an audio ‘pre-read’ before the full presentation is shared, to get the entire team grounded in the insights through the participants’ voices. We also like to use them as status updates throughout longer-term projects.

One side benefit of a podcast deliverable is that it’s all audio. There’s no visual bias at play, making the insights – not the participant’s appearance – shine through. #inclusiveinsights  

#2: Video Playlists

Need a visual? When video is key, we curate video playlists to ensure client teams have access to video clips throughout the research process.  

While this may often culminate in a final compelling sizzle reel, some of our clients prefer the playlists themselves, so they have a ‘best of’ collection of memorable fieldwork moments at their fingertips. We’ve got a sample cued up here: 

The importance of using video to tell qualitative insights stories is only growing. I had a chance to chat with Reduct’s CEO Prabhas Pokharel about why video is here to stay.

#3: Insights Workshops

Collaborate & Integrate! KNow’s facilitators can work with your team to incorporate the insights we unearth into your internal processes and decision-making, by including actionable next steps for your brand. 

These workshops can support the insights before and/or after the fieldwork, and are especially powerful when used at an interim stage between phases of research.

For greater success, create time, space, and structure for your team to collaborate and integrate with our insights workshops. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a herculean task! This step can take place in as little as a couple hours, or as long as a full day. In this time, we walk the team through a creative work session or a design thinking process to jumpstart thinking about when, why, and how insights can inform your company’s next steps.

Get more ideas here: 

#4: Insights Presentations

Ready to go in-depth? Our expert analysts craft Insights Summaries and Full Reports fitting any team’s needs, from visual one-pagers to thorough, full reports and presentations. Our favorite presentations allow us to collaborate with other agencies in order to give the client a multifaceted presentation from insights, creative, strategy and/or ad agencies.

As our clients at Crossroads Trading Company said, “The end product was a fascinating and detailed report that is helping us shape future marketing decisions.” And that’s what we’re here for!