Go Beyond Synthesis; Integrate Learnings via Insights Workshops

Published On: June 20, 2019By

Consider taking one step further along the path. Lend a hand in creating time and space and structure to integrate Synthesis into the all-important next step of Integration.

We encourage our clients to integrate insights accumulated during research  Insights Workshop; when teams integrate what they have learned in research fieldwork into action, next steps and innovation since insights work ends rarely with the synthesis phase. If so, teams can report on findings heard during fieldwork and what it means to clients but leave without partnering on the integration step.

Consider conducting Insights Workshops. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a herculean task! This step can take place in as little as a couple hours, or as long as a full day. In this time, walk the team through a creative work session or a design thinking process to start thinking about when, why and how insights can inform the next steps of the process.

Here are some examples to consider:

  • At the end of a usability study, there are clear improvements to be made to a process/product…Replace that stodgy ‘Recommendations’ slide with a clip reel of the struggles you saw and start a brainstorming session of ways to address them.
  • The team now has a new/refreshed version of their target audience Personas to reference…Instead of producing a stagnant leave-behind, coordinate an immersion session when representative participants come and visit the team and share their perspective.
  • The Customer Journey is now clearly defined…Immerse the team in that process, simulate it if possible! Help them plant flags in the ground along the way to improve or surprise and delight customers at key moments.
  • Most recently, we had a client in the retail space who had conducted 9 months of qualitative customer understanding work consisting of mixed methodologies in multiple markets. In addition to synthesizing the learnings, we conducted a strategy session to help them integrate the overarching themes into the next round of product and campaign development.

Client teams benefit from these collaborative emails as well, as Gina Nowicki, Director of Communications & Marketing, Crossroads Trading says: “At our Senior Leadership Retreat, Katrina and Sonya led one of the highest-rated workshops.  Their presentation and group activity revolved around the growing Gen Z demographic, and I received numerous compliments afterwards on how many new insights were delivered in only 90 minutes.  Our group left feeling better-educated about this customer group, and inspired to apply this new knowledge to our operations and marketing plans.

How else have you integrated insights into next steps? What else do you resolve to do to connect synthesis of insights with integration?  

 Get inspired to to innovate your methodologies and deliverables regularly.