Amplify Qualitative Research Deliverables

Published On: January 5, 2023By

The power of audio is undeniable when it comes to communicating the insights of the qualitative research that we do at KNow Research.

Speaking from experience, I’ve found podcasts are by far the easiest media for multitasking, which is a great way to acquire knowledge in this fast-paced world. You can also listen to a podcast on your own time, at your own pace. Through audio, the voice of the consumer shines so clearly, illuminating the insights’ stories in a unique format.

This past year, as a team, we have amped up our use of audio. We kicked things off with a Hack Day to brainstorm and collaborate on our audio brand and deliverable options. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to develop best practices on how to showcase the insights from our projects in the voices of our participants most effectively. The learning journey can be difficult at first as you experiment with audio editing software, discover your audio brand, and go through quite a few iterations to find the best sound. Nailing the right tempo and rhythm requires a good amount of patience – a muscle that can be challenging to flex. Often, you’ll find yourself down a rabbit hole, editing fractions of seconds of audio just to ensure the perfect flow!

However steep the learning curve may be, the result of the work that you put into recording and producing a podcast is so worth it. Listening to our podcast deliverables, your audience will be taken on a journey, transporting them to a world of qualitative insights.

At KNow Research, we customize your podcast based on your preferences.

  • Need a quick bite of research to excite your stakeholders? Our Report Podcast delivers a ~5-minute-long, high-level overview of the research, perfect for a pre-read to a presentation.

  • Want to join in the conversation? Come discuss the findings and impact of the research with our team in our Roundtable Podcast.

Find out how KNow Research can customize an elevated podcast that speaks to your research’s needs, today! Intrigued about the power of audio?  Get more information about the Power of Audio in our President, Katrina Noelle’s Greenbook Article.

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